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Online Auction

Direct access to the best opportunities in the UK

Allsop is an independent property consultancy with a market-leading reputation for high quality service, integrity and innovation. We are known as the UK's largest and most successful auction house. This success is built on over 100 years' experience in residential and commercial property.

Buyers' Benefits

  • Engage directly with the property and the sales process, without reliance upon salespeople or agents
  • Take the time you need to educate yourself about each development without any hard sell
  • Get the best value. All bids are visible and the highest bid wins. No hidden discount margins
  • Don't miss out. Full information available four weeks before each auction
  • We carefully select each project. If it's not a great project, it's not for us
  • A transparent, secure, user-friendly platform
  • Binding contracts on the fall of the virtual hammer. Zero risk of gazumping
  • All buyers are given an equal chance to purchase. No missed opportunities or hidden trading

Auction Process


Register with Allsop for updates on forthcoming developments. We market only one carefully chosen development at a time.


Clear and concise development material will be available at least four weeks before each auction. If it's what you are looking for, move onto the next step.


If you like the project and are considering a purchase, you'll need to qualify to bid. This is a simple process, requiring proof of address and identity. We will be able to guide you through this step. Don't worry, it's easy and you're not committed to anything at this point.


To finalise registration, provide credit card details for the bidder deposit (usually £5,000 depending on the project). This fee is immediately refundable if you don't purchase. If you're successful, this sum is put towards your exchange deposit. Allsop charges buyers nothing to buy.


When the auction opens, you'll have at least 12 hours to place a bid. Units count down one by one in succession. If you miss or get outbid on one property, there will be time to bid for another.


The highest bidder will exchange contracts on the property and will be legally bound to purchase. It's that simple.


The paperwork is electronically sent to your solicitor who will arrange payment of your exchange deposit and track your purchase until the development build is complete. The deposit balance will usually be payable within 14 days.


Our concept empowers buyers to control their property purchases - simply and online. If you have questions we're here to help by email or phone.


We are the UK's largest property auctioneer with over 100 years' experience. We think you'll enjoy our revolutionary new way to purchase new-build off-plan property.