New Homes Online Auctions is the latest innovation from Allsop, the largest auctioneer of UK real estate in the world

Sell new-build property
at auction

New platform. New opportunities.

Pioneered by Allsop, this unique selling model has been carefully engineered to achieve optimum results for buyer and seller. It aims to set the UK benchmark for the sale of new-build properties. Providing a user-friendly platform and creating an online community for the property sector, this model delivers a transparent, efficient and cost effective way to buy and sell new homes.

A level playing field for a global audience.

The model enables buyers to watch the bidding process evolve in front of their eyes with zero risk of gazumping or double-selling. They will witness the live market place set the pricing for the product and be able to bid on their preferred units.

This method is a natural evolution for the new build sector.

Sell with us

Our service is designed for new to market, off-plan and new build residential schemes, typically consisting upwards of 30 units. If you are a housebuilder or developer and would like to know more about New Homes Online Auctions please contact Simon Capp:

Our process

A clear, factual and concise marketing approach allowing buyers to directly understand and engage with the product.
A targeted campaign with development information clearly available. Buyers are invited to register for alerts and information.
To bid, buyers complete a registration process. This includes providing AML documents and 'bidder security' reservation deposit, automatically refundable if a buyer is not successful.
The virtual sales event takes place on a set date, timed to best accommodate all buyers.
Units count down one by one in succession, allowing buyers to bid methodically or identify a later unit if unsuccessful on the first.
On the fall of the virtual hammer, contracts are immediately exchanged and buyers are legally bound to purchase.


  • Equal opportunity for buyers to purchase
  • Comprehensive record of all registered buyers, allowing follow-up and tracking
  • Perfect method for efficient benchmarking of sales values
  • Traceable seling.
    No double-selling or mix ups
  • Working with developers' in-house marketing and sales teams, in conjunction with marketing suite previews or tours
  • Exciting and engaging for buyers
  • Secured sales, legally binding upon the fall of the virtual hammer. No protracted periods. Subject to contract
  • Ideal for first phases and early off-plan schemes
  • Transparency and level playing field